how long is the train from bangkok to phuket

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    A complete guide to train travel in Thailand, with train times, fares & how to buy tickets for train travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Bangkok to Nong Khai (for bus ...
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    Guide to travelling to Phuket by train. Brought to you by Phuket.Net - your local experts
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    Several airlines now fly direct to Phuket's International Airport from international locations, making a stopover in Bangkok unnecessary, especially during the the ...
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    The flight time from Phuket, Thailand to Bangkok, Thailand is about 51 ... Is there atrain from Bangkok to Phuket? ... How long is the flight from phuket to Bangkok?
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    There are 4 major transportations as your choices - traveling from Bangkok to Phuket by bus, car, train and air.
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    [Dec 25, 2007] Thai trains don't go direct to Phuket. you have to get a rail bus combo. one possibility is Bangkok-Surat Thani by train and then a bus to Phuket~ by Digger ( 4 comments )
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    Useful information about transportation from Bangkok to Phuket, by air, bus, rail, or car.
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    There are NO Train services to Phuket. Express buses operate overnight from Bangkok to Phuket. There is 1 non-stop flight per day from Chiang Mai to Phuket.
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    [Aug 21, 2009] Best Answer: It wouldn't be worth it unless you fly if you're only in Thailand for 9 days. As Bob said, there is no train to Phuket and a bus would also ... ~ by followth... ( 5 comments )
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    Hi I am going to Phuket for a week and will proceed to Bangkok. Any learned kind soul know if there are buses or trains from Phuket to Bangkok and how long does the ...

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